Industry 4.0: ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

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Industry 4.0: tutti ne parlano. Ma cos’è realmente?

The industry, as we know it today, has gone through three revolutions, we all learned about at school. From the eighteenth century onwards, every hundred years, the world of production has experienced a radical transformation, thanks to the advent of the great technological innovations. Any Industrial Revolution came not without trauma, but carrying the innovations epochal who have left their mark.
Many people, however, ignore the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are experiencing in these years. The term “Industry 4.0” appeared for the first time in 2011 in Germany and its goal is to create a Intelligent Factory, where new methods and new technologies they can have a significant impact in several areas. The use of Big Data, Connectivity, not the simple interactions, between man and machine, augmented reality, the robotics, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, communications, energy efficiency.

The Italian Government was “aware” of the profound changes taking place.

A few days ago, the Minister of Economic Development Calenda , together with Prime Minister Renzi, presented “ action by 13 billion public resources to enable innovative investments with tax incentives” . An economic burden to state coffers to be spread over the next seven years.

The plan is based on some main measures financed by public money to companies that want to invest in new technologies , in addition to private investment and a series of accompanying “political”, ranging from improvement of ultra-wideband to a greater support for small and medium enterprises in the Made in Italy, to ‘ delivery customized financing with priority given to industry projects 4.0.

Iride Progetti: your partner to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The statistics speak for themselves: the “cloud Italy is lagging behind in the European Union .
Iride Progetti, however, develops production dedicated applications based on the cloud, technology which opens the way to a data management more quickly and efficiently.
The software made by Iride Progetti can help your business to live actively The Revolution “ Industry 4.0 ” through services in Cloud and Automation of the production process management and human resources and machinery. That’s how:

  • Skeda Skeda is the finite capacity planning system, designed to allow so Quick and intuitive, the planning of all stages of production of orders, based on the resources in order to optimize the efficiency of energy usage and machinery operators.
    Based on the resources of time, machines and operators, the software automatically develops a graph of forecasting Gantt, you can estimating delivery, monitor resources and monitor the work centers, specific orders, customers, the articles, the processing steps and operators.
  • Lytheis a Innovative system that so extremely quick and easy allows the production data collection, the monitoring of all departments with details on production, quantities produced, to make, on the production rate, the staff employed, of any downtime in progress or anomalies. It ‘a MES system that allows the analysis in real time, even with mobility tablet and smartphones, as well as from the PC.
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