Big data and digital innovations: the importance of having experts on your side

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Today we want to borrow the words used by the CEO of Microsoft Italy, Alessandro Purassanta, during his speech at #FutureDecoded, two days dedicated to digital innovations that took place on 6 to 7 October last.

“Ever as the digital time is crucial for growth. And in the revival of GDP, information technology is central”.

With this statement, which may now seem obvious in the digital age, however, you may remember a few key points for the new challenges of small and medium Italian businesses. As they are in step with the times SMEs in IT and digital level?

New skills and new technologies to supporting businesses

A few days ago, we talked about Industry 4.0 adventure. But how to translate into practice, these new technological needs?

Every minute of every person generates two Mbytes of information. And most, circus 80% of this information is unstructured. All this leads to a complexity for the analysis of these data that requires a new way of computing, and also new professions able to work within this complexity

Word Alessandro Curioni, vice president and director of IBM Research Lab in Zurich. In an article in the online edition of Il Sole 24 Ore, the expert points out how it is changing the management model of the incredible amount of data generated in the web nowadays. “Every minute, each person generates two Mbytes of information”, continues. Of course, his words also apply to unstructured data generated by millions of users on social networks, but in any case the information produced by the large amount of cloud applications and platforms are not going neglected.
And yet, in the life of every day, we are in close contact with a medium-small company that looks askance at cloud technology. But the world of computing has been going fast in this direction, which becomes more and more available to everyone, not just the prerogative of large multinationals.
The special commissioner appointed to improve the digital quality of the offer of the Public Administration, Dario Piacentini, recalled that in 2010, when Amazon landed in Italy, everyone shouted to the scandal, because Italians not buy online. But the story of Amazon instead emphasizes that demand is lacking when it is scarce quality of supply. Today, especially in Italy, there is a chasm between the digital evolution of users / consumers and that of businesses.

Quality is the weapon to win the distrust of new technologies.

We at Iride Progetti years we develop solutions designed for companies with a high quality professional team, always looking to the future. We offer cloud services to enable companies to Save on infrastructure costs, improving performance and helping them to develop the multi-device work. You think you can follow the progress and schedule of your work conveniently from your tablet, at any time, while your employees deal with it at the time, from their PCs. All without spending a blunder in cross-platform use licenses and, last but not least, made by skilled developers who care about the safety of your data.

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